YouTube Used By More US Adults Than Any Other Social Network

More adults in the US use YouTube than any other social network, according to a study from Pew Research Center.

Of US adults who say they use any kind of social media, 81% say they use YouTube.

Facebook takes second place, with 69% of respondents saying they use it, followed by Instagram which 40% of respondents say they use.

The most popular social networks, ranked by percentage of US adults who say they use them, include:

  • YouTube (81%)
  • Facebook (69%)
  • Instagram (40%)
  • Pinterest (31%)
  • LinkedIn (28%)
  • Snapchat (25%)
  • Twitter (23%)
  • WhatsApp (23%)
  • TikTok (21%)
  • Reddit (18%)
  • Nextdoor (13%)

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