YouTube adds in-app direct messaging and sharing features

Don’t look now, but Google has yet another messaging service — sort of. Today, YouTube announced that it is rolling out a new in-app direct messaging feature, much like what you’ll find in Instagram. Google’s been testing and teasing this feature for over a year now, but after taking user feedback into consideration, the company is rolling it out to all of its users around the world.

As noted, it’s not dissimilar to what Instagram has been doing with its own direct messaging features that arrived in December 2013. When users tap the “share” button on a video, they’ll now have the option to send it directly through the YouTube app to their contacts. The share pane shows people you’ve recently chatted with, as well as some suggestions for people to add to your list. When you tap the “add contacts” button, the app asks if you want to pull in people from your phone book or send an invite link.

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