If you’re not the alpha dog, SEO may be holding you back

I was helping out a friend by reviewing his blog. His goal was to build search traffic for his small marketing agency and, on the surface, everything seemed to be in order:

  • His content was interesting and relevant, offering tips and how-to posts that might address customer questions
  • The writing was very strong. The copy was somewhat impersonal, but well-written.
  • He published consistently, averaging two posts per week for more than two years.
  • The posts were well-constructed with popular marketing keywords in the headline, the top of the post, in sub-heads and sprinkled throughout the post.
  • Every post had a meaningful call-to-action to learn more.
  • He had visuals with every post.

So he was definitely following the classic SEO “playbook.” And yet, after more than 200 posts, he had almost no results. Few subscriptions, little engagement, almost no increases in web traffic.

What’s going on here?

In reality, his strategy is back-firing on him. Let’s find out why.

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