Why Podcasting For Business Needs To Be In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Podcasts have been around for some time, but podcasting for business is just now starting to get the recognition they deserve as an effective content marketing tool. Too often, they’re overlooked for the more common options of blogging and social media. In doing so, businesses are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to reach a large audience. According to PodcastHosting.org in the U.S.:

  • 75% is familiar with the term “podcasting”
  • 50% of homes are podcast fans
  • 55% (155 million) has listened to a podcast
  • 37% (104 million) listen to podcasts at least every month
  • 24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly

As you can see, there are millions of people who listen to podcasts on a regular basis. 

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