What’s the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business?

If you’re a small business owner or have a social enterprise or nonprofit, you know that your digital marketing strategy has to encompass social media.

Did you know there are hundreds of platforms you can be on right now to promote your business? Facebook, Vine, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, YouTube––the list is long.

The first place to begin is by looking at the largest social networks. Sure, some businesses may have a particular niche where it makes sense for them to choose social media that has fewer users or a particular audience. However, generally speaking, most businesses should focus on at least some of the big platforms.

  • Facebook – 1.8 billion users.
  • Instagram – 700 million users.
  • LinkedIn – 467 million users.
  • Twitter – 317 million users.
  • Snapchat – 300 million users.

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