What Is OTT Advertising? (The Complete, Digestible, Non-Boring Guide)

The world of OTT is so close to us and yet so far away. On the one hand, we are VERY familiar with Netflix and YouTube, and we either have or know someone with a smart TV or a Roku. But on the other hand, we (or at least most of us) have no idea what OTT even means. But don’t worry, that’s why I’ve written this guide.

You during this post.

In it I’m going to break OTT media and advertising down into plain English so you can understand:

  • Exactly what OTT means and how OTT media is delivered.
  • How OTT advertising works, including pricing models and performance metrics.
  • The benefits of OTT advertising (even for local businesses) and its challenges.
  • Tips for creating engaging and effective OTT video ads.

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