Using Hyper-Local and Local PPC Ads to Market your business

In my years as a marketer for small businesses, I’ve found that most eliminate paid advertising as a legitimate channel – both because of cost and targeting. There’s a misconception among non-marketers who are trying to run businesses that PPC or CPC advertising is too broad reaching for a mom & pop establishment with one or two brick and mortar location(s). The problem comes, in large part, because of the complexity that is local ppc ads. This is no longer a 10 minute setup and let it run channel. Like most other local search & online marketing platforms, the local ppc options are evolving and becoming more complex.

So how does a small business, or a business with a limited reach compete online? With local and hyper-local targeting! There’s definitely a way for a restaurant with a 20-mile radius of influence to compete. Whether you live in a small town, or a huge city with a narrow delivery radius – there’s a paid ad option for you.

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