Using Google Analytics & Search Console to Improve Local SEO

For local businesses, SEO requires a different strategy than e-Commerce or national and multinational businesses. All efforts must be more localized, optimizing ranking factors like Google My Business, citations and name, address, phone (NAP) listings, customer reviews, and more. Below are a few simple factors to monitor and analyze to help boost your local SEO success:

Google Search Console is a great tool that is frequently overlooked and underrated by SEOs. The huge advantage with this tool is that you can look at what keywords and pages are giving your website the most impressions. Once you know which keywords and pages are bringing the most eyes to your site, make sure the page that is appearing in the SERPs (search engine results pages) contains the most relevant and valuable content for users. This will decrease the amount of “pogo-stickers,” which can have a negative impact on your rankings.

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