Transitional Experiences Are Not the Future

2020 cracked the whip, and if we weren’t paying attention before, we damn well are now. The hunchback rang the bell, and the whole world woke. Consumers scrambled to adjust to a home-based, online existence and businesses raced to contend with the accelerated pace, leaving efforts to exceed customers expectations on the back burner.

We propelled ahead of schedule in real-time. Even the select few who were already prepared or had a Plan B in place still needed all hands on deck. The majority of the companies that didn’t have a Plan B — and definitely didn’t have a Plan C—have a meager shot at recovering from 2020.

The good news?

Even if you were completely run over by 2020, you still have a chance to be a contender. Trends from 2020 will seep into 2021 and beyond.

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