The Top 10 Stats About Ad-Fraud Digital Advertisers Need to Know

As you read this, advertisers around the world just lost $51 Million to ad-fraud. That’s the average. $51 Million lost to ad-fraud every day. Ad-fraud is the $100 Billion robbery that the majority of the public still doesn’t know about.

“Ad-Fraud is at ALL TIME HIGHS both in RATE and in DOLLARS… and what’s worse is fraud detection is not catching it, so people have a false sense of security.”

– Dr. Augustine Fou; State of Digital Ad Fraud Q2 2018

It’s the perfect crime. The victims never really know they’ve been robbed and the perpetrators are rarely ever caught, let alone charged.

If you’re a digital marketer, here are the Top 10 Stats about Ad-Fraud that YOU need to know and what they really mean…

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