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A Complete Mailchimp Tutorial: How to use Mailchimp for Email Marketing (Advanced) using the Free Version

If you’re using Mailchimp, I’m sure you are facing a few problems that annoys you SO much. You have unlimited ideas for your email marketing but cannot make it work because there are limitations to Mailchimp free account. And in most of the cases, even Mailchimp’s paid account doesn’t resolve those issues, because Mailchimp works…

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Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing is using email to build relationships with your audience. With a proper email marketing communication flow, you can send relevant information and convert prospects into customers. People who are interested in your product or service can join your email list and – through email marketing communication – learn everything they need to know…

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Using Automated Emails To Drive Sales (2018)

Email marketing continues to reign as the highest performing marketing channel for return on investment (ROI), according to the 2018 Email Marketing Industry Census. It makes sense, then, that so many companies are vying to get the attention of their current and potential customers through their inboxes making the competition fierce. As an ecommerce marketer,…

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How to Create Email Drip Campaigns for WordPress

Email drip campaigns are an important component in your overall email marketing strategy that result in better email open-rates, click-throughs and engagement. They are one of the tried-and-tested email marketing techniques that simply work. Email drip marketing campaigns can be applied to various forms of email marketing activities including newsletters, product/service updates, abandoned shopping cart…

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10 Easy Ways to Start Automated Email Marketing for Your Business

20 years ago, Banking Institutions would have scoffed at the thought of a decentralized currency becoming commercially acceptable. Today, 1 Bitcoin is worth more than 11,000$ and Cryptocurrency is growing like a weed on steroids. Keeping up with the times, Marketing too has evolved. Digital is here to stay as consumers are increasingly becoming mobile….

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Inbox Insights – The Insider’s Guide to Email Marketing

This post is an in-depth guide to email marketing and how it works. The number one factor to think about is providing value to your subscribers. How can you share useful, relevant, and personalized emails with your customers and potential leads? Understanding your audience and how to utilize psychological techniques in your email marketing strategy…