Storytelling is the future of Content Marketing strategy in 2018

Personally, I follow National Geographic across all social platforms – preferring the visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook – and for many years been a paid subscriber to their printed magazine. So what makes me, and their other 81.7 million followers on Instagram stop scrolling, engage with the content and ultimately convert to their paid content? (They are the number 1 television brand and number 2 printed media on facebook). It’s the ingenious way they captivate attention through the power of visuals and great storytelling. This is why storytelling is the future of social media.

With the multitude of content on social and the many brands that choose to pay to promote content, it is becoming an increasingly crowded and noisy environment to reach social users. Although 37% of marketers say visual marketing is the most important form of content for their businesses, second to blogging, long gone are the days were you place an image in front of your audience and expect them to know what it is and why it’s there – and National Geographic tell their audience why they should stop, read and engage.

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