Stop Overlooking Videos as a Top Marketing Tool

Written words with images may be powerful tools in your inbound marketing arsenal, but you can amp up your inbound power even more if those images happen to move. Yes, we’re talking about video, one of the most effective yet commonly overlooked marketing tools that can increase engagement on your website. You won’t believe the statistics on video effectiveness…

How effective is it? Statistics compiled by WordStream fill us in:

  • 45% – Percentage of people who watch more than 60 minutes of YouTube or Facebook videos each week
  • 82% – Percentage of Twitter users who view videos on Twitter
  • 87% – Percentage of online marketers who use video as part of their strategy
  • 500 Million – Hours of video viewed on YouTube daily
  • 1 Billion – Number of YouTube users

More video content is uploaded during the average 30 day span than major American TV networks have produced in 30 years. 

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