Shifts for 2020: Multisensory Multipliers

Video and voice and VR—oh my!

The funny thing about the future of communication is that it will, in a sense, be circular.

We can see that visuals are now vital. We hear that voice is on the rise. And these evolving communication patterns almost recall a time before writing existed. Only in the future, our visuals will appear not on cave walls but within VR headsets, and our voice commands will be processed through AI.

In fact, by 2020, over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. In Australia and Indonesia alike, over 70% of mobile phone internet users are expected to use a messaging app. And through the power of voice, nearly 1 in 3 web browsing sessions is predicted to take place without a screen.

The future is full of opportunity to not just raise but redefine people’s shifting expectations. To help steer you where people are headed—so you can accelerate your own rate of change and secure relevance in a fast-changing world—Facebook IQ has launched the new “Shifts for 2020” series. In this second installment, we look at five tech-driven shifts that will change the way we connect, come together and create community.

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