ROI from content possible far quicker than content marketers tell you

Since Bill Gates was (arguably) the first to popularize the phrase “Content is king” in a 1996 essay, the locution has been harped on to the point of vexation, but it still rings true — maybe today more-so than ever. In the last six or seven years, the level of distribution that business owners and subject matter experts have been able to get with their content has gone from local to worldwide.

But, how do you actually get a return on the time and money you put into content marketing? It’s a nebulous concept for most business owners. Content marketers will tell you, “It’s a long game…you may not see results for 12-18 months.” I’m here to tell you that that is a lazy, and possibly dishonest. When you’re a results-oriented business leader, this kind of talk always rings a little odd and probably gets your Spider Senses tingling.

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