The PPC Landing Page Checklist Every Marketer Should Use

Your campaigns are built, the keyword targets are all in lock-step with the messaging, and the click-through rate is through the roof. However, there’s a problem: Your conversion rate is slipping. At this point, some marketers might be pulling their hair out trying to figure out the issue with their account, but time is thin. Sales is hounding you for results, and you’re about to call it quits. Nevertheless, you may have overlooked one key variable: the landing page.

Creating a PPC landing page tailored from the ground up to satisfy the search intent of the traffic you are sending it isn’t as hard as it might seem, and doing so creates the end-to-end solution your account needs to maximize its effectiveness. By following a few best-practice suggestions, you will be well on your way to increasing your conversion rates, thereby providing not only peace of mind, but also job security. Arm yourself with these suggestions for your next PPC landing page to ensure success.

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