No Matter How You Define It, Generation Z Can’t Live Without YouTube

Generation Z is the demographic cohort after the Millennials, which is sometimes called Generation Y. There are no precise dates for when the Gen Z cohort starts or ends, which explains why two recent studies use different definitions. But, no matter how you define it, Generation Z can’t live without YouTube.

One of the studies was conducted by Defy Media for Adweek. They surveyed a group of 1,452 teens ages 13-20 about what they think about social media platforms, digital video, and the new breed of online celebrity. This survey found that YouTube is a regular part of their media diet, with 95% turning to it. The next most popular platforms are Instagram (69%), Facebook (67%), Snapchat (67%), and Twitter (52%). These teenagers were also asked, “Which one could you not live without?” And 50% said YouTube, 15% said Snapchat, 9% said Instagram, 9% said Facebook, and 6% said Twitter.

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