The No. 1 Reason Companies Give up on Inbound Marketing (and How to Stick with It)

Inbound marketing comes with tons of benefits – but being a quick fix certainly isn’t one of them. In fact, the top reason companies are likely to give up on content marketing is due to the length of time it takes for the benefits to kick in. Inbound marketing is a little like gardening. You plant seeds in fertile soil and then you have to nuture them and keeps the weeds away as your flowers grow.

Why Inbound Marketing Takes Its Own Sweet Time

Google has its own schedule. In the past, we’ve waited months for Google to fully reindex our website pages after a new website launch. And regardless of all the SEO ‘experts’ you speak with who supposedly ‘know’ how Google works. Well, they don’t. Google’s secret sauce is its algorithm and Google won’t be giving away any of their core secrets. So don’t hold your breath waiting for Google to instantly zap you to the top of the search result heap.

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