Making the case for mobile site optimizations: Who doesn’t want an extra $13K?

For years, the digital marketing world has asked itself, “Is now the year of mobile?” But at this point, we’ve clearly surpassed the Year of Mobile and are now in the “Age of Mobile Crisis.” Instead of considering if we should include a potential mobile audience, we are weighing the impact our lackluster approach to mobile is having on our sales and long-term revenue.

Google has consistently launched updates to their role in the mobile user’s world, from simply entering the market to moving toward higher expectations for how we treat mobile users and now, to truly committing both front-end (expanded text ads, bid modifiers, responsive ads and eventually Voice Search) and back-end (site responsiveness, speed and layout) optimizations to the smartphone user. Side note: Bing also has its own site speed tester, but across the boards, more content is written about Bing mobile targeting than by Bing.

We know all this, but the question is becoming, “Is it really worth it?” Besides being punished in Google mobile search results, how can we explain to clients or internal teams the impact our lousy mobile experience is having?

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