How Machine Learning Is Dramatically Improving Paid And Organic Search

Machine learning is helping paid search to become insanely more effective. A recent report by Aquisio found that paid search accounts that are optimized for machine learning achieve 71 percent better conversion rates, using lower cost-per-click, or CPC. Not only are ML-supported accounts more effective at conversions, they have also been linked to a lower churn rate.

What this means is, once again, technology is leveling the playing field for marketers. Paid search is more effective, more affordable and is now a more accessible tool for both CMOs and small marketing teams.

While this insight makes paid search more appealing – you get better results for the same amount of effort – especially for marketing leaders who are desperately trying to stay within budget and to have more money to compete in more pricey marketing must-haves, like high-quality video production and influencer campaigns, it doesn’t mean we can take our agile minds off the focus of organic search and creative, value-driven, original content.

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