Local SEOs: Don’t Play These Google Games

Since search engines first appeared on the internet, website owners have been playing the SEO game, fighting for the #1 spot for money-making keywords. Just like those old 80s video arcade games you saw in Stranger Things 2, people spent a lot of time, money and hard work trying to get the high “score,” so they could proudly see their name (or, in this case, their website) on that first spot of the screen. Often, though, these victorious moments were short-lived. The next time you went back to the arcade to play the game, you just might see someone else’s name (or site) in the number one spot with a new, record-breaking high score.

This 80s video arcade analogy is a great way to explain why some people are still trying to “game” Google by using sketchy SEO hacks. But when it comes to ranking and SEO strategies, it’s not smart to play with Google if you want your site to have long-term SEO success. Here’s why…

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