Local Ranking Factors Explained & Explored

On February 7th, InsideLocal host Myles Anderson and a panel of local search experts covered one of the most critical aspects of local search, those all-important ranking factors. Featuring an introduction to the most important factors, real world examples, and tactical advice that you and your clients can start using straight away, ‘Local Ranking Factors Explored & Explained’ has something for everyone, from the small business owner just getting started on local SEO to the in-house agent working for multi-location businesses.

Mary Bowling, Ignitor Digital: The goal of local search, from Google’s point of view, has always been to try to model the real world. Google wants to show us what we’re asking for online. The three major aspects of those local search algorithms are relevance, prominence and proximity. For relevance, you want to ask yourself ‘Do I do or sell what this user is asking for?’ and ‘Am I relevant for this query?’ For prominence you want to ask yourself ‘Do I stand out, in a good way, from other businesses of my type in my area?’ For proximity, you want to ask ‘Am I close enough to the searcher to be a good answer to that particular query?’

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