LinkedIn opens video uploads to all as part of a bigger video push

Video is the name of the game in social networking: sites like Facebook and Twitter have been doubling down on the medium in recent years to drive more traffic and engagement from users, and also as a platform to snare more premium advertising away from traditional television broadcasters; Snapchat put video at the core of its service from Day One.

Now Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is hoping to muscle in on the party with its own video strategy. Today the social networking site for the working world is launching a new feature to let any user upload a video to the site, via LinkedIn’s iOS or Android mobile app.

The idea will be to let users create videos that highlight their professional work: projects that have been finished or are in progress; product demonstrations; and other work-related videos that highlight what you do. It looks and feels very much like a video launch for the non-Snapchat set. For those who might not know where to start but think it might be a good idea to upload some video, LinkedIn has taken the very un-Snapchatty route of providing some direction and pointers.

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