How to Learn SEO in 2017 (and Stay Sane)

Teaching you everything you need to know to go from SEO newbie to competent SEO in one article is next to impossible.

But the next best thing is a guide that provides you the with the resources to achieve SEO mastery on your own.

This is that guide.

If you are new to the world of SEO, you probably have some concerns like:

  • Time. Will it take years to learn SEO?
  • Information overload. There is so much SEO related content on the internet, where do I even start?
  • Contradictory information. Who do I trust when I find different opinions?
  • Fear of anything technical. Do I need to be technical to succeed?
  • Hat Color. Should I use black, grey, or white hat tactics…? Or maybe all of them?
  • Education. Do I need any formal education to work in SEO?
  • SEO Gurus. Do I need to buy online courses from SEO gurus for thousands of dollars to learn?

All of these concerns will be addressed in this guide, along with the resources you will need to nail down the fundamentals.

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