Integrating Voice First in Business Strategy – 12 Key Points

We’re well aware that modern communication within both, B2B and B2C space, regarding any issues tend to happen over mail or call. Unfortunately, both these mediums open the gateway to a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication as well which results in us having to take the extra effort of meeting the vendors in person so as to express our complaints. Most of us would love to have an easier way to communicate with businesses without having the need to go through so much hardship.

One of the transformative products of technology in enterprise businesses is the chatbot. It is been a while since enterprise chat robot has been helping improve business outcome with auto-response solutions. However, with a myriad of AI-enabled services, business activities are getting reshaped when it comes to enhancing communication, tasks management, work productivity and online browsing. The new voice activated digital assistant robot is seen altering the course of our daily interactions with mobile devices.

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