Inbound Marketing is Evolving – Are You Keeping Up?

In 2006, the year HubSpot was founded, inbound marketing was a relatively new term. Marketers were more likely to have heard of and were perhaps starting to embrace content marketing at the time. 11 years later, inbound marketing is a necessity for every business. For a look back to the past compared to where we are now, the SPROUT Content team in Florida recently traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to host a joint HUG (HubSpot User Group) with groups from Baton Rouge, Pensacola and New Orleans.

Jared Broussard of Blinkjar Media and leader of the Baton Rouge HUG welcomed JD Sherman, HubSpot’s Chief Operating Officer with some funny anecdotes of how the Baton Rouge native came to be the guest speaker at this HUG. In reality, it was the devastating flood of August 2016 that prompted JD to return to his hometown and help. He started by showing off some photos of his impressive Louisiana State University sports memorabilia (which was especially cool to this LSU grad). JD focused on how inbound marketing is evolving and how far our industry has come in the past decade. He also provided guidance for companies wanting to adjust their culture to fit today’s inbound world.

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