I Used To Be A Google Adwords AI & Machine Learning Optimisation Sceptic But… Finally Im Convinced

I used to be a vocal sceptic of all the AI & Machine Learning settings in Google Adwords, and firmly said no to our Google team who regularly suggested we switch campaigns over.

Why? Quite simply we’d tested these settings multiple times for clients over the past 6 or 7 years and they didn’t work! We would switch them on for a client who had consistent (and improving) results, and start to see the results either declining, going haywire or ramping up the spend to Google’s benefit, but without many additional conversions.

Luckily, things are different now, so i’ll tell you what has changed, the best practices that you need to follow before you start and a full breakdown on all of the Google Adwords AI & Machine Learning Optimisation options available for you.

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