How to make a big impact with a small influencer marketing budget

Influencer marketing is so hot right now. I’ve spoken to several brands that have shared an interest in testing out influencer marketing, but they’re hesitant because they have a small budget or aren’t ready to go all-in for a strong campaign.

If you are just getting started with influencer marketing, here are a few ways you can keep your costs low while still creating a big impact. Completing a campaign on a small budget will help you dip your toe in to learn what works and what doesn’t before moving on to make a larger investment.

When we at Seasoned Influence surveyed 100 micro-influencers, affinity to the brand was ranked as having the highest impact on the rates they charge. To find those people with an affinity for your brand, take a look at your followers to see if there are any micro-influencers.

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