How Livestreaming Rescued a Popular Chinese Brick-and-Mortar Company From COVID Crises (And How You Can Do the Same)

Picture this: Socialite Kim Kardashian and her sister Khole displaying a few nice-fitting JCPenney jeans on Facebook Live. Bet the jeans would have sold like hotcakes! In short, influencers hawking wares through live videos invariably invite more viewership, more engagement, more entertainment, and more SALES. Sigh!

The fact: JCPenney, the retail giant, has closed nearly 175 stores of its stores until now. In hindsight, the unfortunate situation could have been avoided by the physical stores if they had taken the onslaught of online retail more seriously. And made plans to move away from traditional channels and instead harnessed the power of Live streaming videos and other tech solutions to connect with their audiences.

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