How Ahrefs Helped Grow my SEO by 959% and add $122K in Sales in 1 Year

This guide is meant to share the process we used to increase LeadQuizzes’ blog search traffic by 959% in 2017, basically starting from scratch, which in one year has led to a $122,748/year sales run rate from organic search.

The best part is this process breaks down into just three steps.

  1. How to hire a full-time, high quality writer for $500-$1,500/month
  2. How to quickly train your writer to create articles that will generate traffic
  3. How to manage that writer in less than 3 hours/week

The process used to achieve these results is simple but takes a lot of hard work, commitment to the process, and trust that it will work. We’ve seen a pretty consistent 25% monthly growth throughout the entire year. If you’re starting with small numbers, that growth may not seem exciting but as it compounds, it can have a huge impact on your traffic and sales.

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