Should I Hire an Inbound Marketer or Partner with a Marketing Agency? Understanding the ROI of Each

As the old saying goes “anything worth doing is worth doing well” and inbound marketing is certainly no exception to this rule. Ask any marketer and they would most likely agree, inbound is a full-time job. It does not always replace other marketing activities (paid media, events, account-based marketing), but instead it complements these items. Adopting inbound marketing requires planning, execution, and analysis, providing even the savviest marketer a full to-do list.

In most cases, businesses that are just starting with inbound, or who have recently implemented an inbound marketing tool such as HubSpot, have quickly realized that the resources needed are not always there. It is uncommon to find extra hours in the day to devote to new marketing initiatives without taking time and effort away from other items.

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