Getting Your Local Business to Top SERP Positions On All Devices

Recently, I remembered an amazing pizza place I visited a few times several years ago. I tried googling it for half an hour while commuting, but it was no use. But then again, five years had passed, and I wasn’t sure the place still exists. Later that week, I decided to walk around that part of the city, hoping I would find it. You know what? I succeeded! They did have a website, but I still could not find it via Google and had to go directly to the website to access it.

When I came home, I tried googling it from my laptop, and this time it was the third result on the SERP. That means the website was not optimized as well for mobile search as it was for desktop. This was surprising though. Some people do indeed order pizza from their laptop without leaving their bed. But then again, ordering pizza on the go to have it delivered by the time you get home or looking for a place to have lunch in the city is also very common.

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