For Businesses, Normal Doesn’t Exist Anymore

The push towards normalcy began in earnest weeks and months ago, both in and outside of halls of power. Many government officials began eyeing a rollback of restrictions as soon as they were in place, and the interregnum in which life outside our homes was put on pause was enough to prompt protestors to gather together and demand the resumption of normal existence (and, unsurprisingly, contract the coronavirus.) At the heart of these desires was an urgency for the comfort normalcy provides, a belief that with the lifting of the strictures would come the return of the life we had prior to mid- to late-March.

It seems fairly obvious now that the lives any of us enjoyed prior to the emergence of the coronavirus are gone, perhaps forever. That’s not to say that those of us fortunate enough to survive unscathed won’t be able to have lives similar to those our prior ones, maybe even identical in material circumstances.

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