Facebook tests removing organic Page posts from News Feed

Facebook’s News Feed has been largely pay-to-play for Pages for years. Now the social network is exploring whether to make it completely so.

Last week Facebook officially rolled out its Explore Feed for people to find posts from Pages they aren’t connected to. Now Facebook is testing whether to make that Pages-only feed the only place for people to find posts from Pages, including the ones they are connected to.

In the test, Facebook will cordon off the traditional News Feed as the exclusive domain of posts from people’s friends and family members — i.e., non-Page accounts — and will limit Pages’ organic posts to the Explore Feed. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test, which was initially reported by Filip Struhárik, a journalist at Slovakian newspaper Denník N. The spokesperson did not immediately respond to a question of whether both the non-Pages and Pages-only feeds will carry ads.

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