Facebook extends dynamic ad retargeting to real estate listings

A couple of years ago, Facebook rolled out an ad format tailored to retailers looking to retarget people browsing their e-commerce sites. And over the past year, it has spun off versions of these Dynamic Ads customized for other industries, including hotels, airlines, and now realtors.

On Monday, Facebook introduced a version of its Dynamic Ads product that enables realtors to retarget people who browse home and apartment listings on their sites or apps with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate are as straightforward as the name suggests. Similar to its Dynamic Ads for Retail and for Travel, this variation takes an advertiser’s product catalog — in this case, a realtor’s home listings — and converts those listings into ads that will appear in the Facebook and Instagram feeds of people who had checked out similar listings on the realtor’s site or app.

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