Estimate: Video now 25 percent of all US digital advertising, Facebook the top site

According to eMarketer’s newest forecast, online video ad spending in the U.S. will reach $27.8 billion. Accordingly, it will constitute one quarter of all U.S. digital advertising in 2018.

Video will represent more than half of ad revenues for Twitter and Snapchat and 30 percent of total revenue for Facebook according to the forecast. The firm shows (net) video ad revenues concentrated in a few top companies:

  • Facebook (and Instragram) — $6.81 billion.
  • YouTube — $3.36 billion.
  • Twitter — $633.3 million.
  • Snapchat — $397.3 million.

Facebook has nearly 25 percent of the 25 percent. The eMarketer forecast predicts that Facebook (and Instagram) will have 24.5 percent of all US video ad spending this year or $6.81 billion, as indicated. Facebook controls nearly 90 percent (87 percent) of video ad spending on social media sites in the U.S. YouTube is not considered a social media site by eMarketer.

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