Email Marketing Best Practices in 2017: 5 Tips to Improve Your Emails

2017 is the year of the email. Or, at least it should be: One research firm is predicting that 225.3 billion emails will be sent this year (!) – which is a five percent increase from previous years. And there’s a reason for this increase in sending: We love emails. In fact, 72 percent of consumers say emails are their number one choice in brand communication. And businesses who use email marketing see huge financial returns. While this could be great for the growth of your business, it could also become your biggest challenge this year. With the increase in emails reaching the inbox, your email marketing strategy in 2017 will need to rise above the competition to grab your subscribers’ attention. To ensure your emails don’t blend in, here are five email marketing best practices you can use to make your emails glitter in 2017.

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