E-A-T and SEO

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust. This concept is discussed in great detail in Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines and it likely is a huge ranking factor for many sites.

We believe that E-A-T is very important most sites. However, not all SEO’s agree that E-A-T is truly a ranking factor. The team at MHC has seen quite a few websites that we believe have been negatively affected by Google Quality updates because they have a lack of E-A-T. We have also had the joy of helping businesses to improve their E-A-T with resulting traffic increases. You can see some examples of this near the end of this article.

In this article we will explain what E-A-T is and how you can make changes to help improve your E-A-T which could potentially translate into better rankings and more traffic.

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