Domain Age For SEO Is EXTREMELY Important

As I was doing a quality check for the new 3rd party data I kept switching to different random keywords, and that’s when I noticed something a bit disturbing. The Domain Age for the top 20 hardly had any domains that were under 1 year old – like almost zero.

So I kept digging, and for about 12 hours straight that night I kept querying keywords and looking at the 3rd party metrics – nothing, but then every now and then I’d find something but it came out to maybe a 1 in 200 chance.

The thing is, it was rare the domain was within the top 10, It would always be in no-man’s land of under top 20 or top 30 results (page 2 and page 3 respectively).

Now Jason and I have always had a theory that once you are in the top 3 positions it’s almost solidified that you’ll be there barring you doing something stupid, and that’s been the case based on an experiment we are putting together, but this is the first time we’ve had visuals so you can compare side by side the WHOIS data – and it paints a bleak scenario for new websites and domains trying to enter a niche and get search engine results.

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