The Difference Between Inbound and Content Marketing Explained [Infographic]

My company, CarverTC, is an inbound marketing company. People often ask, “what’s the difference between inbound and content marketing? Don’t you do content marketing?” Yes, in fact, we do content marketing, but the terms ‘inbound marketing’ and ‘content marketing’ are not interchangeable.

Content marketing is a component of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is so much more than content marketing.

Inbound marketing is a set of tools, technologies, and processes that work together to generate traffic to your website – and from that traffic, leads that you will eventually convert into customers. Stated another way, inbound marketing is the way you make your website earn money for you. But, in my opinion, inbound marketing is the best and most accessible process-driven methodology that can consistently help you sell your products and services online.

In this post (and accompanying infographic), I’ll break down the simple, essential components of inbound marketing, and why you need them.

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