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Your 2022 Marketing Strategy: What to Keep, Change, and Start

Both in-person and online shopping are seeing increases in their respective numbers. No one has a crystal ball, so marketers must continue to think on their feet as trends begin, change, and fade away. Fortunately, we can use our observations to form a 2022 marketing strategy. Trial and error through 2020 and the first part

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Google’s “Project Bernanke” Favors Google Over Other Advertisers

In a recent anti-trust case, it has been alleged that Google has been giving their own ads an unfair advantage within the Google Display Network in a program called “Project Bernanke”. In their recent filing as part of an ongoing anti-trust lawsuit, Google, presumably accidentally, uploaded documents to the court’s public docket that weren’t redacted.

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Wix and Google Announce GMB Integration

Wix and Google announced an expanded partnership that integrates Google My Business (GMB) directly within Wix. Businesses can now access GMB data, customer interactions and manage their profile directly from Wix. The value proposition in a service like Wix is that they take handle the technical side of an online presence. Things like search engine

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Google Will Not Track Users After Replacing Third-Party Cookies

Google assures users it will not replace third-party cookies with with an alternative solution that tracks users’ web activity. Google made it known last year that it intends to drop support for third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser, citing a need to address growing concerns people have about their privacy. Users overwhelmingly share the

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Waze launches new features for small business advertisers

Navigation app Waze has made updates to its advertising solution for small businesses in an attempt to cater to the challenges that businesses are now facing and make it easier for them to create and manage ad campaigns. The updates to Waze Ads Starter see ‘Arrow’ and ‘Takeover’ ad formats joining existing ‘Pin’ and ‘Search’

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The commercial arm of WordPress ( announced they were entering the website building business. The announcement was generally not well received by the WordPress web development community. But many softened their response and saw opportunity as more information became available. People think of WordPress as the company that develops the open source content management system

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Facebook Advertisers Brace for iOS 14 Tracking Prompt Fallout

Facebook advertisers are bracing for impact, as the originally-intended roll-out of Apple’s iOS14 finally comes to fruition in the coming weeks. This update has sparked a very public war between Facebook and Apple, as the question of things like privacy versus ad targeting continue to swirl in the marketing space. While the anticipated data loss

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Minimum Wages Increase in 25 States in 2021

According to a study by Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory 25 states will raise their minimum wage in 2021, with 21 of those states enacting the increases on New Year’s day. By the beginning of the New Year, New York and Oregon, which both have regional minimum wage rates, will see the highest wages reaching

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87% of Consumers Now Read Online Reviews for Local Businesses

The 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal reveals 87% of consumers are now reading online reviews for local businesses. Considering the state of affairs (global pandemic), It is not surprising. Because 34% say they always read online reviews for local businesses, while 26% do so regularly. And another 27% report they occasionally read reviews

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