Calculating Social Media ROI, Trickier Than You Think?

Back from 2010-2013, I used to provide social media services when I started my agency. It was a great way to add reoccurring revenue to our bottom line, but we always had a problem. And that problem was proving a return on their investment in our social media services. Meaning, that if they paid us $1,000 a month and they needed a 4-to1 ROI, we needed to get them $4,000 a month for them to justify the expense.

This should be easy, right? Wrong.

No matter how much we tried, there was no real way for us to prove social media was the way we were acquiring more customers outside of the advertising and conversion pixel. The reason being, I have found, like all organic marketing, it is hard to track unless you are a Fortune 500 company with every analytics program known to man attached to your website.

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