Should You Buy Followers and Likes on Social Media?

A little while back a friend of mine asked me how she could grow her Instagram following, and whether she should consider just buying followers to get a jump-start. I told her definitely not, that there’s no point buying fakes who won’t engage, who won’t interact, and who are actually easy to spot.

But her use case was slightly more unique than normal – this friend is an aspiring model, and she said that many agencies won’t even give her a look-in unless she has 15k followers on Instagram.

On balance, and looking at the circumstances involved, buying bots actually could make sense. I’d still advise against it, you’re taking a big risk in buying bots – there’s no point having 15,000 followers if your profile is just going to get banned. But in order to even begin with some agencies, she needed a starting point, and organic growth would take time.

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