How to Build An Inbound Marketing Platform Without Using HubSpot

HubSpot pioneered the Inbound Marketing methodology and developed our software around building effective, cross-channel marketing campaigns. HubSpot offers a feature-rich, all-in-one marketing platform, with access to the entire suite with one log-in. All your information is in one place. HubSpot Support is accessible any day of the week, so you can call them or have them call you. And the HubSpot Academy offers free, easy resources to learn inbound and the software.

Some marketers don’t want to build a full inbound funnel – for example, they may want to focus on community engagement via social media without worrying about converting their followers. They would prefer the flexibility of cobbling together the specific tools they need. Other marketers prefer to save money instead of saving time by integrating free or low-cost tools, sacrificing having all of their contacts, marketing channels, and analytics in one place. We get it. And we want you to succeed.

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