Beyond Words: Using Video to Boost Your Content Marketing Results

The future of marketing has a play button on it. Of course, I doubt I have to convince you that video is in your future — Cisco already did that with its much-discussed prediction that “online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.” In fact, marketers are always talking about adding video, and YouTube already accounts for a third of all internet users. But if there’s all that talk, and all those viewers, why don’t we see more video on most websites?

The answer may be money. According to Buffer’s annual State of Social Media Report, 83% of marketers say time, resources and budget stand in the way of adding more video. That’s understandable, since marketers are always balancing budgets and resources, but it also sounds like a cop out. Why don’t marketers see the value of video when the audience clearly does — voting for video every time they click on a link or thumbnail because they just know that video will be worthwhile?

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