Artificial Intelligence Secrets Revealed: 3 Impacts for Digital Marketers

Artificial intelligence is something we all use in the modern day, yet we never really stop to think about how this amazing technology has evolved over just the last decade. The field of study was officially founded in 1956 but, according to Livescience, mentions of robots and artificial intelligence date back to ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese times. The first breakthrough in artificial intelligence was made in 1997 when the Deep Blue artificial bot developed by IBM defeated the current grandmaster in chess, Garry Kasparov. Many more breakthroughs were made later on and, today, this type of technology has become part of our daily lives.

There are many examples of how we have adopted artificial intelligence as part of our daily routines. Think about the last time you opened up the app store on your smartphone. The front page of the app store provides you with personalized recommendations. This is an excellent example of artificial intelligence.

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