8 Social Media Automation Tools to Improve Your Workflow

Do you know how much time your business spends on social media? According to a survey from Vertical Response, nearly half of small businesses (43%) are spending six or more hours a week on social. That’s almost an entire workday every week – or 312 hours over the course of a year at the low end.

Let’s say you’re a startup on a tight budget, so you’re focusing on all the social media yourself. Now, let’s pretend you’re paying a social media manager (yourself) the national median hourly rate of $15 an hour. That means you’re “spending” $4,680 a year if you’re only spending six hours a week. And once you grow to the point where you can easily afford that expense, no problem. But right now, you’re wearing 54 hats, juggling 78 balls in the air, trying to do it all.

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