6 Ways to Get Viewer’s Attention in the First 3 Seconds Without Sound

For most social platforms, you have up to 5 seconds to capture a users’ interest before they click away. On some, you have as little as three seconds. And here’s the kicker: in many cases, you need to capture viewer interest without any sound.

It’s not all that hard to create a strong video. It’s a lot harder to make viewers care in the same amount of time it takes to ask someone “how are you doing today?”

It clearly can be done, however; the proof is all around us, since video has become an essential and lucrative part of most business’s marketing strategies, both organic and PPC. To give you some inspiration for how you can do this for your business, we’re going to look at 6 incredible examples of how to get viewer’s attention in three seconds or less without so much as a snippet of sound and how to keep it.

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