6 Steps on How to Use Quora for Your Business

Some of the most popular internet search queries are questions: “How long does yogurt last after its expiration date?” “What is Narcos?” “How many nickels are in a $58,000.33?” While most of these questions can be answered from various links containing particular keywords, few sites offer a forum to answer questions in a credible manner. Ask.com, Yahoo Answers, and even Reddit and Tumblr, have tried to tackle this need to answer internet users’ questions, but they have failed. Most answers on these sites are either biased, spammy, or outright unrelated.

Quora, a question-answer platform, has tackled become quite a niche. Founded in 2009, it recently doubled its user based this past year to over 200 million monthly visitors – that’s nearing Twitter’s 328 million monthly users. According to Alecia Morgan, Quora’s Content Marketing Evangelist, the platform’s main goal is to foster high quality. In other words, Quora is all about presenting the right information to the questions its users ask.

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