6 Social Media Planning Tools You Can’t Live Without – And They’re FREE!

Social media planning is tricky business if you don’t have a structure to follow. A couple of months ago I led two separate workshops guiding 30 marketers through an interactive process of understanding how social media integrates into their digital marketing planning– a social business approach if you like. I introduced them to a number of social media planning tools to help them learn more about their audience, the competitive audience and the kind of content their customers are interested in.

I’m a big fan of the SOSTAC planning methodology, created by Paul Smith, and apply the framework to just about every part of my life. It’s logical, easy to follow and has never failed me.

S – Situation Analysis (Where are you today?)

O – Objective (What’s measurable objective?)

S – Strategy (Segment, Target and Position)

T – Tactics (What activities will need to be done?)

A – Action (What’s the detailed calendar plan?)

C – Control (How will you measure?)

I typically spend a lot of time on the Situation Analysis because without a firm

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